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My former coworker and current homegirl Emily Edelson, RD Breaks down Diet Culture

Let me introduce Emily Edelson, She is a Registered Dietitian in the Bay Area. And actually found intuitive eating and food freedom practices through her own journey with disordered eating. She's #HELLA passionate about helping others move through the diet culture noise and find a stress-free way to approach food and eating.

**my former coworker and current homegirl **

She recently made her youtube debute ( you can watch it here). In this video, she talks about the wellness industry. More specifically, a product called the Bread Cube (by As an anti-diet Registered Dietitian, Emily says:

"Hopefully this video shines some light on the harmful effects of diet culture and encourages you to abstain from putting more money into the “wellness” industry that actually profits from promoting disordered eating. Health looks different and is different for every single one of us and there is no one-not a medical provider, dietitian, or instagram influencer-that knows your body better than YOU."


As we approach the Holiday season, I often reflect on my days working retail, which was at a point in my life where I very much moralized food, engaged in disordered eating habits and overexercising and had struggled with (to be honest, like most people my age or at some point in their lives) extreme body dissatisfaction... I think back to all the holidays and all the times I didn't allow myself to eat intuitively and to my satisfaction.


I always think it is super important to remind everyone that you are so worthy and your worth is not defined by the body you occupy. We are taught and conditioned believe "we are not enough, that we are not doing enough to change the way we look, because how I am now is flawed." According to a study conducted by Research and Markets. The global health and wellness market reached a value of US$ 3.31 Billion in 2020. **wellness refer to the state of complete wellbeing of the body, mind and spirit. Some of the important aspects of the health and wellness industry include personal care/beauty, nutrition, weight management, fitness, preventive/personalized medicine, etc I also learned from Emily's video that:

"When it comes to dieting and body dissatisfaction, there is actual HARM being done when certain food items are demonized and the people profiting go as far to say this item actually caused my father’s death. That is the definition of diet culture and fat phobia. "

Check out more of her work and her thoughts about the bread cube! Here:

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