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 Mental Wellness Through the lens of a  BIPOC Psychotherapist

My name is Madison Steele, 

I am a firm believer that the human experience must be admired and cherished even in its rawest & lowest forms. Even at our lowest moments, we inherently embody so much resilience, strength, and beauty as humans. As 
a Mental Health advocate and Therapist who understands the struggles of obtaining culturally representative care. I wanted to create a place where I can write my ideas, share information that might help someone or as a means of practicing some of the many skills I practice with my clients. 

My passion for mental health started at a young age. In my early teens, I struggled with my own mental health. I didn't feel heard. I struggled to foster a sense of connection and self-compassion. The reason for my work today is directly rooted in my own experience of navigating my own mental health journey. Growing up, I didn't see any clinicians who looked like me or understood the struggle of living in a world that was never made for someone like me. Mental health was always something that was stigmatized; well beyond our financial means and carried so much shame. I became the change I wanted to see. . .
Fast forward I became a first-generation high school and college graduate! I'm also a second-generation Xicana and a passionate BIPOC Therapist. Currently, I specialize in eating disorders and other co occurring diagnosis at a residential Eating Disorder Facility for adults in Sunol, CA. Where I may specialize in eating disorders; as we all know, its never just about the food... I'm providing therapy for those struggling with a number of things ranging from anxiety and depression to  OCD and BPD.

Apart from my professional life, I enjoy hiking, cooking, volunteering for Spark Girl Empowerment, traveling as much as possible, painting, exploring new foods, cultures, people and places. I strive to create a sense of community as we all navigate some of the universal experiences in life. May that be heart break, happiness, sadness, sorrow, joy or even boredom. 

I hope you consider following my journey to help humanize the therapeutic experience and practice vulnerability in my attempt at creating a more compassionate world. 

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